The Academy Award goes to….


The Academy Award goes to….

To commemorate the Academy Awards that were held this morning, this display of books illustrating movies that have won an Oscar was assembled.

The reasoning behind this display and other similar ones I assemble is twofold. Firstly, the displays try and mimic the events in the outside world. Secondly, it supports our theme that the library is promoting this year, which is “Read the Movie”.

Unfortunately there are a large number of reluctant readers at my school and this idea was one I floated at my interview last year to increase reading for pleasure which in turn improves literacy and long term educational learning outcomes.

We’ve also noticed that rather than reading a book prior to watching a movie, the current generation of teens will often read a book only if the movie or Netflix has appealed to them.

In keeping with this promotion, we’ve decorated the library with movie posters and regularly show feature films in our seminar room over a week during lunchtimes.

We will have to wait to see the results in a few years.

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