The Last Thursday

The last Thursday. It’s not the last Thursday of the month, nor is it the last Thursday of the school term. Today was the last Thursday I could have to myself for a long time.

I am very passionate about a work life balance. Granted, it is not for everyone as for many, long hours of work are essential to cover living expenses.  But in my own little bubble world of middle class mediocrity, part time employment has enabled me to have an active and engaged role in motherhood. Even though my youngest is three years old, I still feel like my kids need me to be around.

I had the privilege of growing up with a mum who worked school hours.  Consequently I spent my afternoons lounging on the couch scoffing biscuits and regaling stories of the days adventures to my mother.  My children are less fortunate. They shuffle between afternoon activities and after school care. Their school days are often 8-9hrs long.

So I have Thursdays off.  On Thursdays I am a parent first. I do the school run and hang around for the chit chat. I take the toddler for sneaky milkshakes and donuts.  In the afternoons, Abby and I snuggle for our naps together. I still get great joy from the way she refers to our naps as ‘mummy snuggles’. I do the school pick up and have a battle Royale with the car park crush. We eat afternoon tea all together in the backyard whilst I get bombarded with the days events. The big kids do their homework whilst I draw pictures for the baby.

On Thursdays I also look after me. I attend a weekly craft group whilst Abby goes to a community run playschool program.  It’s only for 3 hours a week but it’s the only guaranteed time I truly get for me. These craft sessions have gained me more than just spotlight points.  I have learned how to be patient cos impatience leads to unpicking. I’ve learned numeracy in trying to work out yardage and the stuffing it up by cutting fabric without checking. I’ve learned literacy skills by reading patterns and instructions.  I’ve learned how to use various pieces of technology in my quest to make quilts. I’ve learned how to respect and interact with women of such varied backgrounds. I’ve learned how to problem solve, think critically about pattern matching, analyse my work and evaluate my process.

I love my Thursdays. It is because my Thursdays bring me such joy, it will also be there to reward me when this semester is over. 



2 thoughts on “The Last Thursday”

  1. Dear Trisha, I have long admired the academic fluency of your posts in the forums. You are a gifted communicator. I’m so glad that I decided to have a sticky-beak into your blogs today and to learn that you do have some time to yourself; I had been a little worried about burn-out for you. I remember well the online meeting where you wrote that you have three children under 8 and that your little has ‘ninja hearing’. Such a great deal to be managing. Congratulations!


    1. Thank you Alene. Your words are kind. Usually I do have a vibrant social and personal life, but that all is on hold for another four weeks. Unfortunately I seem to have an “all or nothing” approach to life. Hope you are trekking along well.


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